Learn About Local Events

Live entertainment, community events, carnivals, and fairs are just some of the local events taking place throughout Florida each month. Visit the city’s Chamber of Commerce web page to learn about upcoming events that you can add to your itinerary.

Typical Weather

Florida in 

92°F High
73°F Low
Chance of Rain
Cloud Cover

Consider the Weather

South Florida’s most comfortable travel season is between October and February, while the northern regions of Florida are best visited during the summer. Central Florida stays relatively hot year-round, but temperatures can dip to the lower 50s during November and December. Monitor the weather at your selected destination so that you can make the most of the sunshine and avoid the rainy and humid seasons.

Be Flexible With Transportation

Major cities in Florida are connected by railway so you can take the Amtrak from one city to another with ease. You can also travel to different cities on a charter bus, or by renting a car. If you’re going to be staying in just one city, consider renting a car for the entire trip to avoid paying high taxi fares.

Protect Yourself From the Sun

You will see the sun in the forecast more often than not throughout the Sunshine State, so make sure that you wear sunscreen every day, and apply it at least once every two hours if you are going to the beach. Loose, lightweight and light-colored clothing will reduce your risk of heat stroke, and a wide-brimmed hat or visor will offer some extra sun protection.

Book Themed Dinners in Advance

If you are planning on dining with Disney characters or want to experience dinner theater, you’ll need to book the event at least 60 to 90 days in advance. These dining experiences fill up fast, especially during peak season, so plan ahead by making reservations as soon as you book your trip.

Avoid Souvenir Shopping at Attractions

Whether you are visiting the Disney theme parks in Orlando or heading out to Busch Gardens in Tampa, don’t waste your money buying souvenirs at the attraction. You can find dozens of souvenirs, gifts, and collectibles at souvenir stands and flea markets in Orlando and surrounding cities and most of these items are a fraction of the price of those found at the parks.