Sailfish Marina Resort

98 Lake Dr West Palm Beach, FL 33404


January 2015


We are proud to offer a unique paradise with something for everyone.

Big game sport fishing came to Palm Beach County in the early 1900′s, initially in the form of small skiffs rowed from the surf. Later the first cabin cruisers arrived on the scene, as Palm Beach boat builders designed the first sport fishing boats made especially for offshore trophy fishing.

In the late 1940′s a dock for the area’s burgeoning charter fleet was constructed just north of the inlet. The dock was known first as Roy’s Dock; then as Bills Marina, after long time owner Bill Bachstedt. Even to this day, there are still many old timers who frequent our establishment and refer to the Marina as “Bill’s” as they share fish stories from the past. Old photographs of the marina in those days can be seen on the wall next to our main entrance.

In 1977, the marina was purchased by Palm Beach inventor and entrepreneur Alex Dreyfoos.

Immediately south of Bill’s Marina was another large dock, originally called Bahia Mar, and later, the Sailfish Center (located where our dining room now stands). Dreyfoos acquired this business as well in 1977 and combined the two to form The Sailfish Marina & Resort.

For a quarter century, the business was under Dreyfoos ownership. During this time the Sailfish Marina & Resort became synonymous with big game sport fishing in the Palm Beaches and gained a national reputation as the “Yankee Stadium” of the sport.

In July 2004, the property was sold to American Financial Group, who have been thoroughly dedicated to keeping what is now called Sailfish Marina Resort a beautiful destination for all to enjoy.


Our Restaurant

Our Restaurant

Indulge in waterfront dining at its finest with daily features from our Chef. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Sailfish Marina Restaurant


Charter Fleet

Charter Fleet

Sailfish Marina Sport Fishing Charter Fleet
All Captains may be reached through the Reservations Department at 561.420.9177 or directly at the phone numbers listed below.


our marina

our marina

As the closest marina to the Palm Beach/Lake Worth Inlet and only 45 miles from the Bahamas, Sailfish Marina Resort is a favorite docking in the Palm Beaches.


Although Sailfish Marina Resort has primarily been a fishing destination, our accommodations have just as much to offer the vacationer or non-fishing guest. The guest quarters are truly unique with a tropical island feel, as each room is named after a game fish or Bahamas Island.

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